Drama Guild

Next Drama Guild Meeting

Tuesday January 31, 2012
2:30pm - 3:00pm
In Ms. Ds Room

* This meeting is about the Junior/ Senior Trip
Pupets Drama 2

The Sarasota High School Drama Guild is an after school organization that supports and sponsors
the fall straight play and the spring musical as well as the Improv Troupe and any other activities in the drama program.
Anyone is welcome to come and join, the upcoming meetings will always be listed in the center box above.

If you are interested in joining drama and you are just starting
Sarasota High School or have been in it for four years it doesn't matter,
come to a meeting and get involved!!

Check the links below to get all information you need on any of the upcoming activities.


Check here for all upcoming news


At the next drama guild meeting we will be discussing the musical audition process.  All students who are interested in trying out for the musical should plan to attend this meeting so that they can hear all the information and be prepared for the auditions when we get back from the holiday break in December.

Watch for Ambassador events!

Theatre Handbook
(This is information for all Drama, Eurhythmics and Film class students)

Meeting Schedule
(This is a list of all Drama Guild meeting dates)

Guild Student Officers
(Here is a list of names and what jobs the student leaders posses.  In March this page will also contain the application and reference letters needed to be an 2011 - 2012 theater officer)

(Check here for all upcoming fundraiser events)

Mission Statement

(Check here for Press Releases for our upcoming productions)

Drama Guild Constitution

Arms Holiday Gala
Arms performed by the Drama Three - Four advanced class at the Winter Gala 2011
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